iPhone Charger Plug problem?

iphonechargerplugI have to confess, I probably plug and unplug my iPhone about 20 to 30 times a day. I have many different chargers in different rooms, plus also various kinds of dock speakers. One thing I was concerned about is the stability of the iPhone charger plug/socket. Could it break easily? The plug and socket seems pretty robust, and I haven’t heard of that many complaints on the iPod Touch and I also have a 1st Generation iPod Touch and haven’t experienced problems with it. Simply put it though I didn’t plug/unplug it 20-30 times a day.

Now I’m doing this on the iPhone I’ve already found that one of my charger plugs I’m having trouble with. It gets kinds of sticky when plugging it in and unplugging it like it’s not quite connecting or disconnecting smoothly. I’m not experiencing problems with my other charger plugs, but it really does concern me more than a standard mini-USB or micro-USB charger plug.

Has anyone else experienced problems? If so, leave me a comment as I’d like to hear about your experiences! :-)

4 thoughts on “iPhone Charger Plug problem?

  1. hi..It seem like Im going to go thru this problem every time with my iphone plug. My first plug I was able to see the wires that were connected in the charger(very weird). I had to change it cause i felt it was harmful to my iphone. Now Im going thru the same thing with my second charger. Is it me or the charger?

    • I managed to overcome this by purchasing the Official Apple approved chargers from the Apple Store in the end. I was a bit loathed to pay the £20 for the Official Apple charger seeing that clones were about a quarter of the price, and this seemed to be a lot to pay for a charger, but all of the clone chargers I tried were of very bad quality and seemed to almost burn out very quickly. I suspect they’re all made with inferior components in China or Asia.

      Try an official charger :)

  2. Even with a apple charger it doesn’t plug in properly. It is like there is something blocking where the charger plugs in to????

  3. i have this problem i just saw that my ipod dosnt charge with usb or wall charger. i saw that where u plug in the charger into the ipod the little wires are all messed up . my question is, is this fixable and where can i take it to get it fixed.

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