Push Notifications on #Android

Push notifications (the pull down tray) is a very nice feature with Android devices, even better when running OS 2.1 like on the HTC Desire. However, there are some downsides to the push notification tray as you’ll see from the screenshot to the right.

Every time a push notification comes in, it creates a little icon on the top system bar. It’s good to see this because you know you have maybe unread emails or an unread tweet, or facebook post or even application updates that have been pushed out to the Android Market. The real downside is when these start to stack up you run out of space on the system bar.

I guess it’s a kind of love/hate relationship, almost similar to Marmite. You either love it or you don’t. I really do like the way Android has the notifications implemented that you can pull down the tray to open up all your notifications so you have everything listed in one area. However, I’m also seeing other bugs where applications say they’re still running in the OS but they’re not. If you don’t keep on top of clearing out the notifications it gets a little hectic in the pull down tray, along with the top system bar :( I do however like the Android implementation of push notifications better than the Apple implementation. I like the way Apple show you a full screen message, but if you have multiple push notifications come in, you only get to see the last one, which is a bit pointless and then have to start checking application badges to see if there are numbered updates against each application.

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