Avoiding Google Street View Car, a game of cat and mouse!

I think I have done a pretty good job in my standards of avoiding the Google Street View Car over the past couple of years, but that day had to come where it would make the pounce and I couldn’t avoid it.

    1. The street I’m on managed to somehow get driven down by the Google Street View Car but thankfully 5 houses either side of my house (and including my house) managed to avoid being shown on Google Street View maps.  I’m not entirely sure why, what happened, maybe the radiation being omitted from my house  or perhaps the gun turrets in the front garden, or the sign that says “Google CEO lives here, do NOT photograph).  Actually I don’t have any of the above in the front garden, but it was my first strike at avoiding the Google Street View Car.

    3. The  second one came at driving through my home town, I noticed the Google Street View car coming up quickly in my rear view mirror, thankfully the car in front of me managed to get out of the way quickly.  I’m not sure if it was due to the excessive waving and flashing of the headlights or whether he planned to take the turn, I managed to put my foot down and make a few left and right turns to avoid the Google Car getting too close (and to this day on the same stretch of road it doesn’t show my car).

    5. The third came driving in Kings Langley one time in the last year, I came out of a side road to only see the Google Street View car to the right on a main road (already had passed the junction I was at before I managed to reach the junction) – another great escape!

    7. The fourth came driving counter-clockwise around the M25 this year, I managed to see the Google Street View Car going in the opposite direction too quickly to make my car a complete blur.

More recently on a trip up into the Highlands in Scotland, unfortunately I wasn’t able to escape the evil grasps of the Google Street View car.  I was traveling up through GlenCoe and low and behold what appeared coming towards me at lightening speed was the Google Street View Car….DARN!  It got me!

These past couple of years I felt that Google was trying it’s best to follow me around and capture me.

Some of you might be asking, what’s the problem?  Well I particularly don’t want to be photographed by the Google Street View Car, or any other photo nabbing system that might be out there.  It’s not that I’m doing anything wrong, I’m not skiving off work, speeding or driving illegally.

It’s bad enough with all the CCTV where in London the average person is photographed around 50 times a day as they walk around the streets, on the underground, train networks, on buses, in shops etc, you don’t really want your face blurred out on a street for 10 years do you?